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Research (General): Where do I start?: Introduction to Research

Tools you can use for researching any topic, plus tutorials on research, strategies for evaluating research sources, and how to get research help 24/7

Start at the SCC Library homepage

Always start your research at the SCC Library homepage.

The homepage links you to:

  • The Library Catalog where you will find books, ebooks, and videos
  • Library Databases which contain articles, ebooks, images, & much more
  • Research Guides on various subjects (which contain recommended websites)

Research Basics: Video tutorial

Finding Information: Research Basics

From the SCC Library, this short video will tell you about crucial research tools from the SCC Library and beyond:

  1. What research is
  2. Where to start your research
  3. The three most commonly used research sources (books, articles, websites)


Research help is available 24/7

Want research help?

Get research help from a live librarian by visiting or phoning the library during open hours, or by using 24/7 online help any time of the day or night!

From the SCC Library homepage, click, Ask a Librarian 24/7.

What is research? Great tutorials from IRIS

Research simply means finding information. 

 There are four steps in the research process:    

  1. Deciding what information you need  
  2. Finding the information
  3. Evaluating the credibility of the information you found
  4. Using the information properly (including citing sources)

View IRIS to learn about the entire research process from start to finish: