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Faculty Toolkit for Teaching Information Literacy: Tutorials for students

See the SCC Library research guide: Research (General)

Most instructional information for students (including tutorials) about information literacy will be on a library research guide. You may wish to refer your students to this or other library research guides:

Research (General) Students will find video and other tutorials covering all aspects of the research process.

What is research?

"Research is simply finding the information you need."  

 There are four steps in the research process:    

  1. Deciding what information you need  
  2. Finding the information
  3. Evaluating found information for credibility
  4. Using the information properly (including citing sources)  


Use IRIS tutorials to learn about the entire research process from start to finish.

Project Information Literacy: Freshmen Students

We love to show these PIL videos at the start of library sessions. Students may find it comforting and inspiring to hear the voices of peers who have concerns about doing research in college. [Project Information Literacy is a joint project which student IL in college students. UW is part of the research group involved.]