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Faculty Toolkit for Teaching Information Literacy: Rubrics

AACU Rubics: VALUE - Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education

About project VALUE:


"As institutions are asked to document the quality of student learning and to raise retention and graduation rates, (this) project will begin to define, document, assess, and strengthen student achievement of the essential learning outcomes in undergraduate education.  (As) there are no standardized tests for many of the essential outcomes of an undergraduate education, the VALUE project will develop ways for students and institutions to collect convincing evidence of student learning."

Learning Outcomes for the development of VALUE Rubrics:  

Intellectual and Practical Skills

Personal and Social Responsibility

Integrative and Applied Learning

RAILS: Rubirc Assessment of Information Literacy Skills

RAILS is a clearinghouse for information literacy rubrics


You are welcome to modify/use any of these rubrics in your assessment efforts.

Information Literacy rubric categories include:

Books & articles

Remember to search the Library Catalog for books about Assessment and Rubrics, and to search library databases (ProQuest and ERIC) for articles which may include rubrics in your discipline.

Contact a librarian for research help.