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Cultures & Countries: Cultural & Business Etiquette: International

About this guide

Use the resources on this page to find information about etiquette in different cultures and countries, including business etiquette.

You will also find useful information on the research guide which lists general resources for researching all cultures and counties.


Use the SCC Library Search to find books on a variety of subjects like these:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Business etiquette
  • Business etiquette - China
  • Etiquette - China
  • Etiquette - Latin America
  • Business Anthropology
  • Business communication - - Asia
  • Ethnology
  • Gesture
  • Body language
  • National characteristics
  • Food habits
  • Manners and customs
  • Popular culture - - Arab countries
  • Japan
  • Japan - - Civilization
  • Japan - - Religion
  • Japan - - Politics and government
  • Japan - - Description and travel
  • Asia- - - Social life and customs
  • Corporate culture - - Japan
  • Corporate culture - - Latin America

Example titles:

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A few of the most popular databases include:

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Websites: Business & Cultural Etiquette


Here are a few websites which provide information specifically about business and cultural etiquette.