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Research (General): Where do I start?: Web Searching

Tools you can use for researching any topic, plus tutorials on research, strategies for evaluating research sources, and how to get research help 24/7

Web searching

In addition to using information from library books and databases, you can use credible information which you find on the free internet. Make sure you evaluate information to determine if it is credible and appropriate for college-level research. If you can't decide if information is credible or not, ask your instructor or consult a librarian.

Most search engines will let you conduct an Advanced Search which allows you to you narrow your search to a restrict domain sites like .gov or .edu sites.

.gov indicates a site from a U.S. government source (local, state, or federal government)

.edu indicates a site from a college or university

The IRIS tutorial, Types of Web Resources, explains domains and how to search smarter on the web.

Research guides from the SCC Library

SCC Library research guides on particular topics have recommended websites in addition to information on finding book and database information.


How can I know if website information is credible?

Smart Web Search Strategies

This video created by librarians at Pierce College demonstrates how to narrow a Google search.

This method also works when searching for .edu sites (websites from colleges and universities).

SCC librarians can help you find reliable, quality information on the free internet too; contact us 24/7.