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Writing Research Papers: Citation

Citation help 24/7 and helpful hints

There are lots of venues for getting citation help.

Use the tools linked on this page, and remember that you can always get help from: 

Owl  Helpful Hints:

Use SCC Library databases to get automatically generated citations for books, articles, and more. (Librarians can show you how.)

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) located at Purdue University has some the best online citation guides available. These comprehensive OWL guides are linked below.

And, as always, ask a librarian for help any time of the day or night.

MLA brochure from SCC Library

Transitioning from MLA 7 to 8

As of May 2016, there is a new MLA Handbook (the 8th edition).

"How are the 7th and 8th editions different?"

The links below explain the major differences between the old and new styles. One big change is the introduction of the concept of information "containers." Like Russian nesting dolls, information can exist within progressively bigger cylindars within cylindars"containers." An example would be an article in newspaper (container 1) which you found on a website (container 2). Learn more here:

"Which edition should I use?"

The new 8th edition was published in May of 2016. It will take time before the new standards are fully adopted, so you should Check with your instructor to find out which edition they want you to use.

In-class materials for teaching


Chicago Manual of Style

Fully searchable version of the 16th (2010) and 17th (2017) editions of The Chicago Manual of Style
- available on trial through the end of October 

Videos about why we cite

Citation generators & managers

The following sites allow you to automatically create formatted citations and to store and manage your citations. Be aware that these citation tools provide basic functions at no charge; advanced tools may be available only for a fee.

NOTE: It's advisable to check automatically generated citations. They may contain inaccuracies which you need to correct.