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Immigrant Ancestors: Immigrant Ancestors

This guide will help you find information sources for researching your immigrant ancestors.


Immigrant Ancestors:

 A Research Guide

Books That Check Out

You'll find books that check out on the second floor of the SCC Library.  Use the Library Search to look up books on a particular subject.  Specify "subject browse" in the catalog to search for subject headings such as these:

Immigrants - United States

United States - Emigration and immigration - History

German Americans

Irish Americans

Japanese Americans

Ireland - History


Help with Research

Questions about research, citation, login, or other?

 Contact a librarian any time!

Library Databases

The Library subscribes to a variety of databases that contain quality information for student research.  The following databases will be especially useful for researching topics related to your immigrant ancestors.  Search for terms such as "Italian Americans" or information on the history of a particular country of origin.

Reference Books

These reference books contain some of the best information for this research topic.  The reference section is located on the first floor of the SCC Library.  These books don't check out.

American Immigrant Cultures cover  Coming to America book cover  American Ethic Groups cover  American Social History cover  Historical Atlas of the U.S. cover  Irish in America book cover

American Immigrant Cultures (R 305.8009 AMERICA)

Atlas of American Migration (R 304.8009 FLANDER)

Columbia Documentary History of Race and Ethnicity in America (R 305.8009 COLUMBI)

Coming to America (R 305.8009 DANIELS)

Encyclopedia of American Social History (R 301.0973 ENCYCLO)

Encyclopedia of American Immigration (R 305.8009 ENCYCLO)

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (R 305.8009 HARVARD)

Nation of Peoples (R 305.8009 NATION)

Here are some examples of reference books that cover specific cultures.  Ask a librarian if there is one available for your culture.

Asian American History and Culture (R 973.0495 ASIAN A)

Encyclopedia of the Irish in America (R 973.049162 ENCYCLO)

Encyclopedia of American Indian History (R 970.00497 ENCYCLO)

Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History (R 973.0496 ENCYCLO)

The following two books are located in the atlas cases (next to the reference section on the first floor):

Historical Atlas of the United States (Atlases 911.73 N213h)

We the People: An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity (Atlases 305.8 A153w)