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Architectural Technology: Architecture History Assignment: Research Notes

Research fundamentals: 3 types of sources

When researching your plant, look for information in a variety of types of sources: decorative architectural column

  1. Books and ebooks in the SCC, SFCC, and partner library collections (include reference books like encyclopedias & e-encyclopedias)
  2. Articles in library databases or in open collections like Google Scholar
  3. Websites which are from reputable publishers like those listed below

Not finding what you're looking for? Ask a librarian any time of the day or night. We're available 24/7!

Hints about search terms

Before you start your research, it's a good idea to do a pre-research exercise by writing down search terms you think you might use in your research.

Think about:


Medieval  or  Middle Ages

France or French

Narrower topics

Gothic architecture

Gothic churches

Broader topics

Architecture history

Art history

Alternate spellings

color and colour

Post-modernism and Postmodernism


Other considerations when researching Art & Architecture




 Green Architecture


International Style

Time period

Architecture of the 1920s

Classical Archietcture

Medieval Architecture


19th century Architecture


Asian Architecture

Architecture of Oceania

Architecture of Europe

Architecture of Western Europe


Cambodian Architecture

Architecture of the United States


Greek Architecture

French Architecture