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Welcome to the Nurs106 LibGuide

Welcome to the LibGuide for NURS106 at Spokane Community College.  In this guide, we will review research basics for SCC Nursing Students.  We will also address specific resources and techniques for the research needed to successfully complete the assigned individual papers and team presentations for this class.  

Hints from Melody: 

  • Don't get overwhelmed.  This project starts in the Spring term of Nurs106.  You will have 6-8 weeks to work on the research for it.
  • Melody says that she expects you to research 1.5 hrs each week in lieu of lecture on Tuesdays. (Translation = That means she will have high expectations of the papers and presentations that you will deliver - including the sources that you choose.)
  • You must choose a topic for your individual paper (3 topics to choose from) and a topic for your team presentation (2 topics to choose from).  Your team will be assigned at the beginning of the spring term.  Be thinking about the team presentation topic in preparation.

Hints from Linda:

  • Don't get overwhelmed. Contact me ASAP in spring term so we can get your research strategy together and start you off on the right path.  
  • This assignment demands research that is Interdisciplinary (integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines). This will impact your terms!  Keep a running list of what works. (See your handout from class).

Research Basics Review for SCC Nursing Students


  • Creating your Research Strategy
  • SCC Library Website Tour
  • Advanced Searching Skills
  • What is a Scholarly Source?
  • What do NCLEX questions & Research sources have in common?


NURS106 on is one of my favorite tools for work & school.  I highly recommend it.  It also has apps you can download to your phone to keep track of the resources you find. 

I have used it to create resource links for this class and the assignments. 

Check it out -

ps - I also love for making videos for class presentations. (It may clash with Respondus - be aware).

Hints & Resources for Individual Papers

Examining Health Determinants & Current Events

Evaluate the Physical, Environmental, & Social Impacts on Individuals

Evaluating Social Determinants of Health in Your Community

Hints & Resources for Team Presentations

Community Resources for Vulnerable Populations

Working with Vulnerable Populations

APA Help