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NASO of SCC presents: Rose Ann Abrahamson & Lacey Bacon-Abrahamson, Fall 2023

Meet Lacey Bacon-Abrahamson

Woman in Native American clothing standing outdoors  Black and white photograph of woman seated outside of a house  Naitve American dancer

Lacey Bacon-Abrahamson, who’s Indigenous name is Why-ya-padon (Butterfly), is a Cultural Artist from the Shoshone Bannock people of Fort Hall, Idaho, she also represents her paternal tribes, the Colville, Coeur D’Alene and Spokane Tribes. She was born in the homeland of the Lemhi Shoshone and is a direct descendant of Chief Cameahwait, the brother of Sacagawea. She has an associate degree from Salish Kootenia College and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Native American Studies from the University of Montana. Lacey has a vast amount of cultural knowledge that has been passed down to her orally from her grandmothers. She uses this educational and cultural knowledge to help others by instructing cultural arts classes for the community and doing educational presentations.

An expert seamstress, Lacey has over 30 years of sewing experience. She has made hundreds of outfits in her lifetime and enjoys seeing her work in motion on the powwow arena. She also takes pride in making modern Indigenous fashion including men and woman’s attire along with jewelry and purses. She also enjoys using natural mediums including buckskin, furs, shells, bones, and feathers.

Lacey has been dancing since childhood and is an accomplished Woman’s Traditional dancer who has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada. She has served as head woman dancer at Oahu Powwow in Honolulu Hawaii, Western Navajo Nation Fair in Tuba City Arizona, First Annuel Two-Spirit powwow in Phoenix and in Spokane. She won many championships in her dancing career.

Lacey is the founder and owner of Newe Style Consulting, which is directed toward Native American Culture. Lacey consulted with Paramount for the Shoshone scene in 1883, where she selected Shoshone actors and helped identify accurate historical Shoshone wardrobe. She was part of the Cultural team in the first Indigenous opera in Portland Oregon called NU NAH-HUP: Sacajawea’s Story. She made history with the Spokane School District by consulting in redesigning the logo for Sacajawea Middle School.

Lacey’s life revolves around Native American Culture and Arts and she has stated, “It is my goal to share and preserve these arts, leaning our ways is healing and beautiful, it inspires love of life.”


Images and text used with permission of Rose Ann Abrahamson and Lacey Bacon-Abrahamson. 11/13/2023