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ENG 102 - McCann Winter 22

Lesson and Resources

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Compile an annotated bibliography of a total of at least THIRTEEN sources related to your academic research topic. You may cite up to FIFTEEN sources for extra credit. These sources should be representative of the research you've done on your Research Proposal topic. NINE of these sources need to be peer reviewed, scholarly articles or books from the library. The other three can be newspaper articles, government websites, etc. The goal is to provide a survey of the academic research on your topic.


  • Teens, Mental Health, Education
  • Dyslexia, Educational Attainment, Social Emotional Growth
  • Male, Adults, Mental Health
  • Fast fashion and the effects it has on the environment
  • Efforts of deradicalization specialists and their success and struggles with countering the propaganda of online extremist groups
  • Gender discrepancy in higher education and work force implications
  • LGBTQ and media representation
  • Microplastics and their effect on wildlife
  • Plastics and Environment
  • Fitness, Children, Societal/Parenting changes, Motivations
  • Social Media and bullying
  • Changes in Education
  • Social Media and Teens
  • Parenting Styles and Childhood Development
  • How is standardized testing and traditional ways of thinking affecting our youth?
  • Are old ways of raising/teaching a child potentially withholding their passions and abilities
  • Is standardized testing putting a limit to kids abilities
  • How is early child development being affected by media?

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