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Datasets suggested by the instructor

About this guide

This guide is a collection of links to websites with data sets that may be of interest in MATH&146, Intro to Statistics, or MATH&107, Math in Society. 

One goal in my instruction of statistics is to implement the recommendations of the 2016 Guidelines for Assessment and Instructions in Statistics Education (GAISE) Report.

  1. Teach statistical thinking. 
    • Teach statistics as an investigative process of problem-solving and decision making.
    • Give students experience with multivariable thinking.
  2. Focus on conceptual understanding.
  3. Integrate real data with a context and purpose.
  4. Foster active learning.
  5. Use technology to explore concepts and analyze data.
  6. Use assessments to improve and evaluate student learning.

Integrating real data and using technology to actively engage, explore, and analyze the data has proved effective for demonstrating student understanding of statistical concepts. 

One of the biggest challenges my students have faced is finding data sets whose context and purpose they connect with. The purpose of this guide is to make the process of finding data easier for statistics students.