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OER: Open Textbooks and other Open Educational Resources: Getting started

CCS faculty can use these suggested resources to find open textbooks and other open educational resources. Want help? Have questions? Contact your library or eLearning office.

Ask for help

You are not alone

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Librarians and eLearning staff are eager to help you locate, evaluate, and use open resources. Contact your liaison librarian or the eLearning office.

Why Open Access?

The Access Principle: The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship by John Willinsky, 2006

Published  by MIT Press, this open access book is an comprehensive source of information addressing OA issues.

Table of contents headings include:.

  • Opening
  • Access
  • Copyright
  • Associations
  • Economics
  • Cooperative
  • Development
  • Public
  • Politics
  • Rights
  • Reading
  • Indexing
  • History
  • Ten Flavors of Open Access
  • Scholarly Association Budgets
  • Journal Management Economies
  • An Open Access Cooperative

OER in a Nutshell

Open Educational Resources or OERs (including open textbooks) are any content which is:

  • openly available (can be readily found or discovered)
  • openly accessible (exists in a form which others can readily use)
  • openly reusable  (faculty can easily modify & license allows)

Use this guide to: 

  • discover and select OERs for your courses
  • learn to adopt and use them
  • connect with support faculty, staff, and networks

"Open Access Explained!"

Nick Shockey (SPARC) and Jonathan Eisen (UC Davis) summarize the history of scholarly periodical publishing and present some of the rationale for having OER, particularly in the Science field.

To watch in HD or Full Screen view from here.


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Current issues

Want to keep-up on current OER issues? Monitor this RSS feed from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, College Open Textbooks:

New guides

Starting points from WA SBCTC

* New Research Release *

Qualitative Investigation of Faculty Open Educational Resource Usage in the Washington Community and Technical College System: Models for Support and Implementation

Click on the title to open. This study was based on interviews with 60 faculty in Washington’s community and technical college system, and built on a previous state-wide survey with 770 faculty.

*NEW* OPEN Attribution Builder

Use this application to easily create attributions for OER you are using.

Try this attribute builder

OER Washington: Open Educational Resources Network  From Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, a one-stop-shop site.

Open Washington: Open Educational Resources Network


Open Course Library  From Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

Open Course resources

The Library's Role in OER

CCS Library Services adopts an active role in helping faculty discover and select OER. Articles like this one report on how libraries involvement with OER can benefit the entire academic community.

"Information Literacy" Online Textbook from SUNY