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ENGL 102 - Cordero - Beyond the Library Databases: Open Access Sources

Use this guide to find credible and academically-appropriate information


 Open Access Resources

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By Open Access - Extrahiert aus [1], Public Domain

Evaluating Sources for Credibility - North Carolina State University Libraries (3:15)

Contacting Tim

Feeling frustrated?

Not finding what you need?

Having trouble using the library databases?

Not sure which search words to use?

Then it’s probably time to a
sk a librarian for some help.

Tim Aman, Reference Services Librarian


If you need immediate help, contact a librarian any time using our online chat service.

24/7 live chatchat 

(Evenings and weekends you may be chatting with a librarian from another college. Ask for an SCC librarian to contact you for follow-up if needed.)

Recommended Open Access Sources

The purpose of this research guide is to help students in Janelle Cordero's ENGL 102 class find credible and academic information using open access sources beyond the library databases.  If you're not sure you've used the library databases effectively be sure to ask a librarian for assistance.

When Googling always evaluate your search results.  Make sure you only use information that is credible and appropriate for college-level research.  On this page you will find a very useful three minute video about "Evaluating Sources for Credibility" created by librarians at North Carolina State University.

Domain Searching

Try limiting your Google search to a particular domain (such as .edu or .gov, which are restricted domains). You may find more reliable information.  For example:

"climate change"

"human organs" animals


Examples of Specialized Databases: 

  • ERIC - journal articles and unpublished research documents for all areas of education
  • PubMed - index to the world's biomedical literature (you may want to limit your search to "free full text" and English language)
  • PubMed Bookshelf - books and documents in the life sciences and healthcare
  • MedlinePlus - authoritative patient-level health information from various government agencies and nonprofit organizations

Spokane Public Library / SCC Partnership

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All SCC Students, Staff, and Faculty have full access to Spokane Public Library resources, including ebooks, e-audiobooks, streaming videos, digital magazines, and much more.

Find more information on our guide to Accessing Spokane Public Library Resources.