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Research Tutorials

Research Basics

  1. What research is
  2. Where to start your research
  3. The three most commonly used research sources (books, articles, websites)

(5 minutes)


  1. Why you should use books when conducting research
  2. Types of books available to students
  3. The best kind of book to use when starting to research a new topic

(6 minutes)



 Demo: Book Search: Basics (5 minutes)






 Demo: Finding eBooks Using SCC Library Databases (5 minutes)

Databases in the SCC Library

  1. What a database is
  2. Why we need databases
  3. How to choose the right database
  4. The basics of how to search a database

(12 minutes)

Search term exploration

Which words should I use in my searches?

One of the biggest challenges students face when doing research is figuring out which words to use when searching.

Below are two off-the-cuff videos from the SCC Library which demonstrate techniques for exploring keywords you can use while searching library databases or the open web.

Want help? Thinking of search terms can be difficult, so contact a librarian any time you want help. We're here 24/7.