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Research (General): Where do I start?: Databases (including article indexes)

Tools you can use for researching any topic, plus tutorials on research, strategies for evaluating research sources, and how to get research help 24/7

What's a database?

Databases are collections of information which may contain:

  • periodical articles (from newspapers, magazines, & journals)
  • images
  • streaming video
  • ebooks
  • demographic data and statistics
  • reports on controversial issues
  • information of all types on particular topics like History, Literature, Nursing, and more

SCC provides students with library databases which are appropriate for college- and professional-level research. The information in library databases is not generally available on the free internet.

[You must access databases through the SCC Library homepage, and login to access from off-campus.]

Databases: Video tutorial

Databases in the SCC Library

From the SCC Library, this short video will tell you about crucial research tools from your college library and:

  1. What a database is
  2. Why we need databases
  3. How to choose the right database
  4. An example of how to search a database


Choosing a database

From the SCC Library homepage choose Databases by Subject, then select databases on All Subjects or a subject you are researching to find articles, images, reports, statistics, ebooks, videos, and more.

Not sure which database to use? Get research help 24/7.

Here are some of the most commonly used databases to get you started in your research: