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Strategies for Success: GUID 102

GUID 102: Strategies for Success: Outcomes

Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes for GUID 102 Library Session

(Created jointly by SCC Library and GUID 102 faculty, Fall 2015; updated Winter 2018)

Enduring  understandings

 After this library session, students will:

  • be able to identify important in-person an online services and resources available through the library
  • know that the library is a place where they can come to find information
  • know how to get help in accessing library services/resources (including resources outside of SCC)
  • have engaged in hands-on exploration of navigating the college library website in order to find information resources.

Library outcomes are intended to align with these GUID 102 Course Learning Outcomes:

I. Touching all the bases: An overview of the most powerful principles of community college success

A. Second base of success

1. Your key campus resources

2. Use of campus resources

II. Learning strategies

B. Higher-level thinking

1. Critical thinking


Course description from Winter 2021:

GUID 102 — Strategies for Success (3 cr)

Students learn specific skills to increase their success in college and help them achieve their academic and professional goals. This course also provides an opportunity to discuss and reflect on issues of power, privilege and inequity as it relates to personal growth. Students learn study skills, test taking strategies, time management, campus resources, and more. Students also develop an educational plan to assist them in selecting and completing a program of study at the community college.

Lesson plan for Winter 2018 onward

Lesson plan for WINTER 2018:

I. Mini-tour

II. Services and Resource

Assessment: Group check for understanding


III. Credibility

IV. Students explore credibility indicators


Formative assessment -  students: One-minute paper (what did you learn? + Muddy points?)

Formative assessment - faculty: Collect feedback on library session