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Water Resources 120 - Research exercise

For students in Erin Rudders' class, Winter 2022

When conducting research, it's wise to consult a variety of types of sources.

The purpose of this exercise is to give you practice finding 3 types of commonly used research sources:

stack of booksBooks in the college library collection

null    Articles in periodicals (especially those in trade & scholarly journals)

Earth globe image   Websites from government agencies

Research diary: Template

Recording information in a diary is a helpful technique for keeping track of your searches and the sources you find. Attached is a simple template you may use to record the 3 sources you find during this exercise.

Help is always available

Research can be challenging. If you don't easily find an information source, or if you have any questions about research or citation, feel free to contact a college librarian any time for help. 

24/7 Live-chat  research help