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Banned Books

This is a guide that provides links to resources about banned and challenged books, and highlights collection items that have been banned or challenged in the United States.

What Are Banned Books?

Across the country, many books have been challenged by members of communities due to issues of their contents and subject matter. These attempts at removal may come in the form of general complaints or formal requests for removal. They occur at many types of libraries and schools of different types and sizes. The American Library Association documents requests (i.e. challenging) as well as those requests that successfully remove a book from a collection (i.e. banning).

In recent years there have been more and more attempts to ban books, and there has also been more and more awareness raised to respond to censorship and attempts at violating the 1st Amendment, including Banned Books Week, which takes place each year in Fall.

Many libraries, including Spokane Community College's library, contain challenged and banned books and participate in events programming like Banned Books Week. We invite you to stop by the SCC Library or connect with us over email and ask about what Banned Books we have. Some are highlighted in this guide.

A Selection of Banned Books at Spokane Community College

Resources on Censorship at Spokane Community College