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ENG101 - F22- McCann

Lesson and Activity

Identify and Relocate



  • What Journal?
  • What Database?


Find these original items in the database or in the library system.

Works Cited

1. "The Toll of Banning Books in America." , directed by Anonymous , WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post, 2022. ProQuest,

2. Schiltz, Hillary, et al. “The Stability of Self-Reported Anxiety in Youth with Autism Versus ADHD or Typical Development.” Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders, vol. 47, no. 12, Dec. 2017, pp. 3756–64. EBSCOhost.

3. Superheroes on World Screens, edited by Rayna Denison, and Rachel Mizsei-Ward, University Press of Mississippi, 2015. ProQuest Ebook Central.

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Part 1

With your table partner, take a look at the following websites.

Fakeout Activity (10-12 mins)

With your table partner, take the following quiz - discuss your thoughts as you make your choices.

Research: Guiding Questions

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search keywords next to each other as a phrase, e.g. "food truck" 

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..2000 dates or numbers less than / before 2000

2000.. dates or numbers greater than / after 2000


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limit your search to a specific site (no space after :), e.g. "food trucks" (for government sites only)

filetype: limit your search to files with specific extensions, such as PDFs, PPT, etc,  e.g. "food trucks" filetype:pdf 

the term appears in URL


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AROUND(#) search terms within # words of each other (proximity), e.g. defibrillator AROUND(5) law