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GetLit! Festival: Library Display 2024

Spokane's annual literature festival

Select Books from Get Lit! 2024

The Grit Factor

by Shannon Huffman Polson. For women in business and leaders in any field.

In the Dream House

by Carmen Maria Machado. Tracing the full arc of a harrowing relationship with a charismatic but volatile woman, Machado struggles to make sense of how and what happened.

The Strange Beautiful (Short Stories)

by Carla Crujido. A story that centers on Mount Vernon Apartments in Spokane, Washington, offering a glimpse into the lives of ten tenants over a period of one hundred years.

The Angel of Rome : and other stories

by Jess Walter. Stories about those moments when everything changes as a diverse cast of characters bounces from Italy to Idaho, questioning their roles in life and finding inspiration in the unlikeliest places.

The River People

by Polly Buckingham. Poems that move through both dream and natural landscapes exploring connection and loss, abundance and degradation, the personal and the political.

The Book of Difficult Fruit: Arguments for the Tart, Tender, and Unruly

Inspired by twenty-six fruits, essayist, poet, and pie lady Kate Lebo blends the culinary, medical, and personal in a book of lyrical essays, accompanied by recipes.

GetLit! Festival Headliner

GetLit! Festival 2024 is excited to announce Carmen Maria Machado as headlining author:

avatar for Carmen Maria Machado

Machado is the author of In the Dream House and Her Body and Other Parties. Both books are held by the SCC Library, but are very popular; you may have to go to the SCC Library website, search for Machado's books, and be put on the request list.

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GetLit! Authors: Books Displayed in the SCC Library

Visit the SCC Library in Building 16 throughout April to see a display of books by GetLit! 2024 authors.

Some titles linked on this guide are ebooks.eBooks color image

Contact library staff if you need a book sent to a convenient location for you.