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Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CID) Presenter - Dr. Jeremiah Sims: Home

This guide was created in conjunction with the Center for Inclusion and Diversity, who hosted Dr. Jeremiah Sims at SCC on 2/26/24 for the presentation, "Reclaiming the Radical Legacy of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr."

CID Presenter - Dr. Jeremiah Sims - Event Flier

Flier for the Dr. Sims event

CID Mission Statement

The Center for Inclusion & Diversity (CID) co-creates a safe and welcoming space with and for all students, faculty, staff and community members. Through advocacy and empowerment, the CID assists students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, in achieving academic and social success while promoting and celebrating diversity.

CID Presenter - Dr. Jeremiah Sims - Presentation Picture

A profile of Dr. Sims speaking at the presentation

Contact Priya at the CID

A profile photo of Priya Osborne

Want to learn more? Contact Priya Osborne by by visiting the webpage for the Center for Inclusion and Diversity.

CID Library Liaison - Librarian Greg Bem