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Fire Science

Some periodicals are free online, and others are available for-fee and are accessible to SCC student through library databases. 

If you don't find a periodical or an article that you want, contact a librarian any time for help. 

Periodicals free online: Examples

Periodicals in SCC databases

Use library databases to search for articles on a particular topic.

Example periodicals in library databases


Associates Programs Source Plus

  • Fire
  • Fire & Materials (12 month delay)
  • Fire Engineering (HTML full text)
  • Fire Science Reviews
  • Fire Technology (12 month delay)
  • Firehouse
  • Journal of Fire Sciences
  • Industrial Fire World
  • Minnesota Fire Chief
  • Speaking of Fire


  • Disaster Prevention and Management
  • Fire
  • Fire Technology (12 month delay)
  • Firehouse
  • International Journal of Emergency Services (12 month delay)
  • NFPA Journal
  • Safety and Fire Technology

Search suggestions

Because periodical databases contain millions of articles, you can do complex searches using multiple keywords and phrases.

Help 24/7: If you don't easily find articles on your topic, contact a librarian for help any time.

Example article searches:

  • firefighting  AND  tactics
  • firefighting AND "forest fires"
  • combustion AND "structural fires"   
  • firefighters  AND  "risk assessment"
  • firefighters  AND  (gender OR women)