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Health 102: Books & Articles


Choosing a book  books

The SCC/SFCC library holds 1000s of fiction and non-fiction books in both PRINT and EBOOK formats.

(SCC students may also borrow books from partner libraries at GU, NIC, and LCSC.)

To find a book for your HEALTH 102 assignment, try searching the Library Catalog  or the eBook Collection database.

Try a search on subjects like these:

Health and hygiene                           Happiness         

Wellness                                           Well-being               

Physical fitness                                Sexuality               

Adjustment (Psychology)                 Stress 

 Substance use                                Sleep

Environmental health                       Gender

Doping in sports                               Body image

Emotional health

Example books from the SCC Library collection:

eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)

Find ebooks on a wide variety of topics using the library database, eBook Collection.

Example titles:


To find articles on a particular topic, search the selected databases below.

If you don't easily find what you need, contact a librarian for help. 

 Suggested databases:

Searching for articles

Because library databases like ProQuest contain millions of articles, we can use more complex search terms than when we search book collections.

Try searching for articles on a multifaceted topic. Here are example searches:

"college students"  AND  wellness

"college students"  AND  "self esteem"

parenting  AND  stress

adolescents   AND  "coming out"

exercise AND  children AND  "self esteem"