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Indians of North America: Home

Help with research for Kris Cornelis' Anth 210 course.


Use this guide to find sources for your research assignment. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your librarian!

Curtis photograph

Tlingit dancers by Edward S. Curtis is a work available in the public domain.

Edward S. Curtis is famous for his photographs of North American Indians. View a selection of his Pacific Northwest Indian images in the SCC Library ARTstor database.

RATE what you find

You may find a number of articles and other resources related to your topic.  It is important to filter what you find so you are not overwhelmed with information.  R-A-T-E each source:

R - Is this info Relevant to my topic? If not, discard!

A - On what Authority is it based? You will want to consider a variety of viewpoints from various experts.

T - Have I already Taken this? Is it a duplicate of what you already have from another source and if so, which source is preferred?

E - Do I need Everything or just part? You may refer to an entire article, for example, or you may be pulling only a few statistics, ideas or quotes (with proper attribution).