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Faculty Toolkit for Teaching Information Literacy: Claremont Study

Claremont College: Recent Pre-publication study

"Degrees of Impact: Analyzing the Effects of Progressive Librarian Course Collaborations on Student Performance is a study from researchers at Claremont College"  

This study conducted by Booth, Lowe, Tagge, and Stone shows that students' level of librarian engagement postively impacted their performance.

Summary of study and findings from online forum description, December 2014:

"Stated simply, how much instruction does it take to improve information literacy (IL) learning? The Claremont Colleges Library conducted rubric assessment of first-year seminar research papers to analyze this question, evaluating the impact of diverse levels of librarian course collaborations on information IL performance in student writing. Findings showed that progressive degrees of librarian engagement in IL-related course instruction and/or syllabus and assignment design had an increasingly positive impact on student performance."


To learn more about this study, contact an SCC Librarian and/or see the pre-print article and web forum linked below:

SCC Librarians response to Claremont College study

< Under Construction >

In response to the Claremont College study and in light of the forthcoming ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, SCC Librarians are interested in developing enhancements to library services which will provide more opportunities for student engagement and collaborations between librarians and discipline faculty like

Developing scaffolded Information Literacy outcomes for progressively advanced courses within a program or department

"Multiple diverse pedagogical interventions at the syllabus and classroom level"

Optimizing the use of online research guides

Teaching using a flipped classroom model 

Encouraging multiple library instruction sessions

Collaborate with faculty to include IL and/or research into course syllabus 

Conduct professional development sessions for faculty & librarians (IL enhancements?)  

Interest in focusing on teaching the AUTHORITY aspect of the IL Framework (during 2015 in ENGL101 instruction)

Creating a repository of learning objects available for use when needed 

"Holistic evaluation of student work"  

Outcomes focused

 (TA Notes)

Elements that describe where we are headed:

  • Scaffolded instruction
  • Flipped classroom
  • Learning objects available for use when needed
  • "multiple diverse pedagogical interventions at the syllabus and classroom level" - "formally integrated"
  • "holistic evaluation of student work"
  • outcomes focused
  • professional development for faculty and librarians

Most students don't:

  • Do reflective research
  • Know how information is indexed and organized
  • Go beyond keyword searching
  • See the library as separate from the open web
  • Know what's available in the library