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ARt history Planning, Instruction Notes

Resources to consider while 2023 planning Art History + Information LIteracy assignment

Video databases in SCC/SFCC collection

SPL's new Kanopy subscription packages: (Begun November 2022)

Diversity A broad range of popular and compelling narrative films and documentaries focusing on diverse stories and storytellers; a wide array of perspectives, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences provide an essential and relevant collection that broadens viewpoints and enriches understanding

World Cinema A diverse range of films from a broad set of countries; recent theatrical hits as well as critically acclaimed classics from various genres; historical costume dramas, modern romance, charming character-driven comedies, this sophisticated selection of international films has something for everyone 

decorative document imageFull film lists: Over 2000 films available via SPL Kanopy

Available to SCC students and employees who obtain their pre-approved SPL card nimber and PIN.