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Modern Middle East (HIST 240 Cornelis): Articles

Help with research for Kris Cornelis' HIST 240 course.

Recommended Databases

SCC Library databases contain reliable information that is generally not available elsewhere on the Web. For this class the following databases will be particularly useful.

Note: If you are off-campus, you will need to sign-in with your Bigfoot username & password to use these databases. 
Need help? Go to the CCS IT Student Helpdesk or contact the library.

Search Tips

Tip Combine keywords by using the limiting word AND

  • For example: "chocolate AND health" finds articles on both chocolate and health

Tip Truncate words with an asterisk * to find varied endings

  • For example, "teach*" finds "teach," "teacher," "teachers," and "teaching."

Tip Combine keywords with OR to retrieve synonyms.

  • For example, "health or nutrition" finds articles on either health or nutrition

Use subject searching to increase precision.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar locates scholarly articles from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

Find a Specific Online Title

Have an article citation but not sure how to find it?  Looking for a certain title for your class? Try looking up the journal or magazine in the A-Z eJournal List, to see if the library subscribes to the full-text.

Can't Find What You Want In SCC/SFCC Collections?

If you find a book or article that does not seem to be available in the SCC/SFCC Library collections, contact a librarian to request the item. We usually can get books and articles from other libraries for you to borrow for free. If the item is not available to be loaned, we'll do our best to help you find an accessible item that suits your need.

To get books or articles we don't own, either contact a librarian directly or submit an online interlibrary loan request.

Keep in mind that it may take ten days to two weeks or more for materials to arrive.

Library Hours(509) 533-8821 Toll Free: (800) 248-5644 ext. 8821