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Accessibility Features of Library Databases

Highlighted features of frequently used databases

eBook Collection (EBSCO)


EBSCO eBooks works in a limited capacity with text-to-speech tools. Known limitations exist for books with copy/paste restricted by the publisher, where the text-to-speech tool requires selecting text. There are also known limitations with DRM-protected content. DRM readers such as Adobe Digital Editions may not work well with text-to-speech tools when content is downloaded. EBSCO recommends using downloaded chapters or page ranges, which are DRM-free.

Process for requesting a remediated eBook file

If you discover that an eBook file available via EBSCOhost does not include sufficient accessibility support, EBSCO can provide a DRM-free copy of the eBook to the librarian upon request. Please ask your librarian to send an email to with the name of your library, title and ISBN of the eBook in question, and the targeted assistive technology.

EBSCO will return the DRM-free eBook file to the requesting librarian via email as soon as possible, within 3-5 business days of the request. If an alternate delivery method is preferred please provide EBSCO with instructions for accessing and uploading to that location.

Additional information from the EBSCO company

Link to SCC Library database

ProQuest Ebook Central


Demonstration video (3 minutes)

Summary of features:

  • Keyboard navigation
  • Screenreader compatible
  • Many ebooks are available DRM-free and in EPUB format
  • Magnification
    • Zoom up to 300% without text spilling off screen using in-built browser features (e.g. CTRL +/- for PCs and Command +/- for Macs).
  • OpenDyslexic
    • In the user preferences menu, choose OpenDyslexic to change website typeface.

Ebook formats & accessibility

Ebook Central offers books in two formats: EPUB and PDF.

  • EPUB is an HTML-based format that supports reflowable text. Reflowable ebooks are accessible: the reader can change the font size, and the book will reorganize itself to fit your device screen. Just as you expect websites to change their layouts when you are looking at them from your tablet or phone; EPUB-formatted ebooks do this as well.
  • PDF contains a set number of pages with a fixed width and may not display as well on smaller devices or different zoom levels. PDFs can be read by and are navigable via screen readers but are not user-friendly across all devices.

Not available

  • Text-to-speech is not embedded .
  • Headings, labels, alt text, and long descriptions may not be present unless provided by the books' publisher.

Additional information from the ProQuest company

Link to SCC Library database

Other ebook databases