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Barriers to education and general education research resources included

Use the tools and resources on this guide when researching Education, Child Development, and related topics. Ask librarians for research help any time of the day or night.

Search Terms: When searching library databases and the web, try words and phrases which may describe your topic. Here are a few suggested searches to try:


Reference books, like encyclopedias and dictionaries, are a good first source to use when research a new topic. Encyclopedias, like the examples below, give you an overview of your topic and its history, and will lead you to additional sources.

Encyclopedia databases:

Example encyclopedias & example entry:

  • education AND  barriers
  • education  AND  equity 
  • education  AND  gender
  • poverty AND  education
  • poverty AND "school readiness"
  • students  AND  "mental health"
  • "indigenous students"


Library databases contain all types of media, including periodical articles (from newspapers, magazines, & journals).


Try starting your article search in ERIC, the pre-eminent article index for EDUCATION topics. 

[NOTE: If you find articles that are not full text, ask a librarian for the article. 24/7 librarian chat]

Article databases for researching Education & related topics:

Books & ebooks

Use the library Search to find books on specific subjects. You'll find print books and some ebooks.

  • Books that check out are on the library 2nd floor in the call number area 370-370.9999.
  • Reference books are on the 1st floor. They're a great starting place for research.

Your SCC Library has books on these subjects and more:

  • Cognitive styles
  • Learning
  • Learning, Psychology of
  • Memory
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Affective Education
  • Social Learning

If books are located at another partner library, you can request that they be sent to SCC for you.

Want ebooks?

Try these library databases which contain only ebooks:

Example books & ebooks:

Key sources for researching international education

Try these resources when researching education systems in different countries.


  • Consult websites which come directly from a country's department of education.
  • As always, ask a librarian if your're not finding the information you need.
  • "child development"  AND  malnutrition                           
  • "school to prison pipeline"  AND  solution*
  •  adolescents  AND  math  AND "gender gap"
  • "child development"  AND  trauma  AND  school
  • "rural areas" AND  education AND  barriers
  • "refugee students"
  • "ELL students"
  • "high impact practices" AND  education

Websites: Educational equity