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Heavy Equipment / Diesel

Library databases: Search techniques

Library databases have tools you can use to retrieve tailored search results on your topic.


In addition to using date filters and other database filters, here are techniques you can use to create your search terms:


Use keywords in your searching. Select words or phrases which you predict will appear in an article title or description.


 Enclose a phrase (a string of 2 or more words) in quotation marks. Example: "heavy equipment"


Truncate (cut off) search terms using an asterisk. The search term:  recyc*  will retrieve articles which contain any word starting with r-e-c-y-c, like recycle, recycled, recycling, etc.


Combine multiple search concepts using the Boolean terms: AND, OR, NOT

Example searches:

recycling  AND   biofuel

recycling  AND  "diesel engines"

recycling  AND  "construction equipment industry"

sustainability  AND  "farm equipment"

"intelligent control excavator"

"excavating machinery"

"employee retention"

"employee morale"

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