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Article examples for in-class demonstration

Example search in ProQuest: hvac AND green*

  • narrow date
  • select only: trade journals

Example article:

Example search in Associates Programs Source Plus: hvac AND trends

Example Articles

Search techniques

To efficiently search library databases, use filters within the database and try search terms you think might be in the article's title, description, or full-text.

Techniques you can use to create database searches:


Use keywords in your searching. Select words or phrases which you predict will appear in an article title or description or full-text.


 Enclose a phrase (a string of 2 or more words) in quotation marks. Example: "global warming"


Truncate (cut off) search terms using an asterisk. The asterisk works as a wildcard. The search term:  recyc*  will retrieve articles which contain any word starting with r-e-c-y-c, like recycle, recycled, recycling, etc.


Combine multiple search concepts using the Boolean terms: AND, OR, NOT

Tips about Searching for HVAC/R Articles in Library Databases

 Which term should I use for HVAC?

Because the term HVAC/R can be written in a variety of ways (HVAC-R, HVACR, etc.) it's a good strategy to use a search technique called truncation when searching for periodical articles in library databases.

Databases like ProQuest and Associates Programs Source Plus allow this type of advanced searching where typing:


will retrieve articles containing any word in the article which starts with the spelling h-v-a-c. (The asterisk acts as a wildcard.)

Try a variety of search terms