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Literature: Poetry anthology assignment

Use this research guide to find credible information on literature in books & videos, library databases, and websites.

Finding Poetry in the Library

You can find anthologies of poetry and of mixed works of literature two ways:.

Browse the shelves: The Dewey decimal number for poetry is 811. Find the number 811 on the shelves on the 2nd floor of the library, and browse away!

Search the Catalog: Look for a specific collection by title, or search by subject or keyword to find something you like. Try one of these searches using the search box on the library website.

Sample subject searches:

Sample subject searches:

  • poetry  AND  anthology
  • poe?   AND   antholog?

Library database: ProQuest Learning: Literature

ProQuest Learning: Literature

This library database contains information from encyclopedias & dictionaries of literature, study aids, biographies, literary criticism, reviews, multimedia, and full text of some literary works including poems.

To find information about a poet:
May include video or audio clips

  • Click on the menu item, Authors in the top bar.

To find video or audio clips of a poet (or other reader) reading their poem aloud:

  • Click on the menu item, Poets on Screen in the side bar.

To find poems on a subject or by a particular poet:

  • Click on Literary Works in the top bar.
  • Check only the box for Poems
  • Type a word in the search box like these examples:
    • dog (to find poems that have the word dogs in them, or some form of that word: dog, dogged, etc.)
    • Cummings (to find poems by an author named Cummings)

To find video, audio, and websites:

  • Click on the tab for Multimedia
  • Type search terms in the appropriate search box like these examples:
    • Angelou (will retrieve works by an author named Angelou)
    • poem or poetry (will retrieve 100s of results)
    • dog (will retrieve a multimedia work which contains the word dog)
    • dog* poe* (will retrieve a multimedia work which contains any words that start with the spelling d-o-g and words which start p-o-e, like poetry, poem, poems, etc.)

Library database: Literature Resource Center

Literature Resource Center

Use this library database to find literary criticism and analysis, biographical information about poets, and work overviews or summaries. You may find some primary sources (poems) as well.

To find information about a poet:

  • Type their name in the search box
  • Check the limiter boxes to choose the kind of information you desire, such as:
    • Primary Sources & Literary Works (these may be poems or interviews or other primary sources)
    • Biographies
    • Multimedia (this may contain poems or other multimedia)
    • Topic & Work Overviews (may or may not be useful)

To find a poem:

  • Use the Advanced Search.
  • Add a search term in the search box (like dogs or sailing)
  • Limit your search by Document type (select poem)

To find poet:

  • Conduct a Person Search
  • Choose limits like:
    • Literary movement (example: Harlem Renaissance)
    • Nationality
    • Genre (Poetry)

Academic Search Complete

You can find some poetry that has been published in literary journals which are available in library databases like Academic Search Complete.

Try this suggested search.  Notice that the drop down menu has been changed to "SU Subject Terms."


Academic Search Complete database search example