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Literature: Literary Theory & Gender

Use this research guide to find credible information on literature in books & videos, library databases, and websites.

Resources for exploring Literary Theory

Use the resources below to research

Literary Theory in general and specific critical theories.

When you are searching for research information, remember that some literary theories are called various names, like:

  • Mythological  or Archetypal
  • Historical  or Historicism
  • Marxism  or  Cultural Materialism

Consider using a variety of search terminology in your research on Literary Theory in general:  For example:

  • literary theory
  • literary theories
  • critical theory
  • literary criticism
  • textual criticism
  • textual analysis


Use the search box on the library website to find books at SCC and our partner libraries.  Try using subject words like these:

  • Criticism
  • Literature--Terminology  
  • Literary form--Terminology
  • Literature--Philosophy--Encyclopedias
  • Literature--History and criticism--Theory, etc.
  • English literature--History and criticism--Theory, etc
  • Feminist literary criticism

BOOKS: Gale Literary Criticism series

Lengthy topic essays in the Gale Literary Criticism series discuss select literary theories and the major theorists associated with that critical approach.

This book series in housed in the SCC Library reference collection, and is also accessible in the library database, Literature Resource Center.

photo of literature reference books

BOOKS: Credo Reference

Credo Reference is a library database containing electronic reference books: dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference works.

Suggested searches:

  • Literary Theory
  • Marxist Literary Theory
  • Feminist Literary Theory
  • New Historicism


Use information from credible, authoritative websites and the websites suggested by your English instructors.

WEBSITES: Lists of lists

Resources for exploring Gender

Use the resources below and others to research

  femininity, masculinity, and other gender issues.

Don't be afraid to use a variety of search terminology in your research.


Use the search box on the library website to find books at SCC and our partner libraries using search words like these:

  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Sex role
  • Sex role in Literature
  • Femininity
  • Femininity in literature
  • Women in Literature
  • Girls in Literature
  • Femininity in popular culture
  • Girls in popular culture
  • Masculinity
  • Masculinity  in Literature
  • Men in Literature
  • Teenage boys in Literature
  • Boys in Literature
  • Masculinity in popular culture
  • Homosexuality and Literature

Suggested library databases below also contain ebooks (encyclopedias and other types of electronic books).

BOOKS (in library databases)

ARTICLES (in library databases)

[demo searches]

Academic Search Complete

"marxist theory" and  "literary theory"

"literary criticism" and myth*   "One Hundred Years of Solitude, Indigenous Myth, and Meaning"

"literary criticism" and historicism    "Reading Dialectically"

"literary theory" and historicism     " Economimesis of New Historicism (Or How New Historicism Displaced Theory in English Literature Departments)"


girls and "popular culture"  (then SORT by RELEVANCE)

girls and "body image"  and media   (then SORT by RELEVANCE)