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Peace Studies, Research Resources

Created by SCC librarians and faculty from Peace Studies and the Institute for Peace,

this guide lists select books, periodicals, and websites about peace, conflict resolution, and related topics.

Visit the Peace Studies section of the library to browse books and videos, and search the research resources in this guide to find more at SCC/SFCC and partner libraries.

Featured sources

Book cover: The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace

The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace

"This innovative, multivolume encyclopedia charts the interdisciplinary field of Peace Studies, offering a comprehensive survey of the full range of historical, political, theoretical and philosophical issues relating to peace and conflict. All major figures are covered, as well as major events, organizations, theories, and much more. Each entry is signed by a leading scholar in the field, contains a bibliography for further reading, and is cross-referenced with other useful points of interest within the encyclopedia. In addition to A-to-Z entries, the Encyclopedia also includes a peace chronology, key documents and appendices." - Description from the publisher

book cover:  The Sage Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence

The Sage Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence

"What defines a culture? What barriers might block successful communication between individuals or agencies of differing cultures? How can those barriers be understood and navigated to enhance intercultural communication and understanding? These questions and more are explained within the pages of this new reference work." - Description from the publisher

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Display of bookshelf from Peace collection in SCC Library featuring 2 audiobooks

Audiobooks in the SCC Library

Listen while you drive, ride, walk, or rest: Speak Peace, Non-Violent Communication, and more... 

Suggestions welcome! Let us know if you have information sources you suggest we add to the SCC Library collection.

Questions about his guide? Contact an SCC librarian.

6 Pillars of Peace: Social Justince, Conflict Resolution, Community & Interdependency, Economic Justice, Creative Problem Solving