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Psychology: Research Tools

Research Tools


Use the library Search to find books on specific subjects. You'll find print books and some ebooks.

  • Books that check out are on the library 2nd floor. 
  • Reference books are on the 1st floor. They're a great starting place for research.
  • Partner Libraries search will find books at Gonzaga and other area college libraries.

Your SCC Library has books on these subjects and more:

  • Psychology
  • Psychology, Pathological
  • Personality disorders
  • Child development
  • Toddlers, Development
  • Adolescent psychology
  • Adulthood, Psychological aspects
  • Social development
  • Cognitive development
  • Counseling
  • Depression
  • Emotions
  • Emotions in adolescence
  • Freud, Sigmund
  • Erikson, Erik
  • Neurochemistry
  • Neuroscience
  • Neurotheology
  • Cognition
  • Brain - Physiology
  • Brain - Psychology
  • Stress (Psychology)
  • Stress (Physiology)
  • Perceptions
  • Self
  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Mental health
  • Schizophrenia
  • Manic-depressive illness


eBook Collection (EBSCOhost), an SCC Library database, contains 1000s of ebooks covering all topics.

Reference Books: examples Here are some print and ebook examples of subject encyclopedias in Psychology:

*These and other encyclopedias are available online in the following SCC Library databases:


  Library Databases

eEncyclopedia Databases Drawing of person with complex brain

Start your research by consulting subject encyclopedias of Psychology or Mental Health or other subjects. You will find:

  1. a definition of your topic
  2. and overview and history
  3. references to other expert research on that topic

Article Databases (and more)

Print periodicals

Most Psychology periodicals (magazines & journals) can be found in ProQuest or Academic Search Complete and other SCC Library databases. We also have some in print which students may borrow:

Psychology Today cover

  • Psychology Today
  • American Psychologist  (published by APA)
  • Developmental Psychology (published by APA)
  • Journal of Abnormal Psychology (published by APA) (subscription until 2013 only)

Psychology in the news

See daily news items from the American Psychological Association         A.P.A. logo

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Finding Journal Articles

Articles in library databases

You can find Psychology articles by searching SCC Library databases which contain periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers). The databases listed below index Psychology periodicals. (Many of the Psychology journals indexed in these academic databases are peer-reviewed.)

NOTE:  If you find an article citation and the full text of the article is not attached, request the article by contacting the SCC Library directly. We will obtain the article for you.

Start your search for articles at the SCC Library homepage.  Select one of the following databases:

Open Access Journals (and more)

About APA Journals

The American Psychological Association publishes many peer-reviewed journals in the various subfields of Psychology.

You can find these journals at the APA website. Most of the articles cannot be viewed on this website without a paid subscription, so, if you find an article you want, contact the SCC Library and request that we get it for you. (There are some free sample articles available from each journal.)

The SCC Library has subscriptions to three APA journals:

American Psychologist

Developmental Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Psychology  (SCC Library print collection stopped in 2013)

Issues can be found in the library and can be checked out for your convenience.

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