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Research Basics for ENGL 101

What are scholarly sources?

Information sources are considered scholarly or academic if they are written by experts (also known as scholars). The experts may be an individual author, a group of authors, or a group which is considered an authority (like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a department of the  US Government.)

Not sure?  If you are unsure whether your source is scholarly, ask a librarian or your instructor. We'll help you decide, and teach you about how we make those complex decisions too.

The most common types of scholarly sources are:Image of a printed page

  • Scholarly books (like scholarly encyclopedias of music, history, psychology, medicine, etc.)
  • Scholarly articles (published in scholarly journals, also called academic journals)

Videos: Scholarly sources & peer-review

From Idea to Library

Where do research articles come from? How do they end up in your search results?

This video has the answers. (From North Carolina State U. Libraries)

Video still: From Idea to Library

Peer review in three minutes

How to read and understand scholarly journal articles