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CMST 250, Conflict Management: Anderson

Research resources & tips for students in Anderson's class

Use this guide to discover credible, college-level information using resources & search tipcs suggested by SCC librarians and instructors.

Which research sources should I use?

When conducting scholarly/college-level, research, it's wise to use a variety of types of sources like:

  • Books (especially textbooks & scholarly encyclopedias)
  • Articles from periodicals (usually journal articles by professionals in the field of Communication Studies)
  • Websites (from professional associations & researchers)

How do I search the college library collections?

The library homepage search box can help you discover millions of books, articles, and websites.

If millions of results are more than you need, try the specific research tools and methods on this guide, or ask librarians for one-to-one help.

Example search:

  • birth order

Get help any time

To get research and citation help, contact a librarian via 24/7 chat or any method: