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Math: OER resources for faculty

Important note about OER

SCC Librarians are using this page to share OER with specific Math instructors who are working on teaching specific Math skills. 

If you are interested in learning more about OER for your courses, please contact an SCC Librarian.

You may also wish to consult CCS Library Services' OER support websites:


Course and OER research focus

MATH 104 — Computer Math (3.0 cr)

This course consists of general computer math concepts for all CIS AAS students. Students then continue with either math targeted to specific Network Design and Administration objectives or specific Software Development objectives. Prerequisite: MATH 91 with a 2.0 or better within the last three years; or appropriate placement score. Enrollment in the Network Design and Administration or Software Development program or permission of instructor and concurrently enrolled in CIS 106 or CIS 107. View Course Learning Outcomes

Areas of OER focus and search terms:

  • “assembly language programming” and OER
  • Boolean logic or Boolean operators


Librarian Notes - Aviation Maintenance Tech. Math

Shared with JK on 20 January 2016 (Janine)

1. Professional Associations which may have discussion lists of instructors to whom we post the question about OER they use in their field


2. FAA MATHEMATICS IN AVIATION  - AMT Handbook (PDF)  30 page manual


STEM Readiness pathways: Composites Technology   

(Note: Created by National STEM Consortium including South Seattle College, WA. This Consortium’s OER are available in these repositories: Merlot and OLI.)

4. AIR Washington (in OER Commons repository)

Does the Math Component of AIR WA's curriculum seem like it might be useful?

This link on the open commons website is very frustrating. I don’t think it’s correct. 



5. This is a huge zip file (from Air WA courses through the Skills Commons repository I think):

Content.IE5 / 7DGTH3ZU / Electronics-Avionics (1).zip / Electronics-Avionics /  Full Course / NSCC – EET107 / Week 1

I have not looked through each collection of files in each course, but this course (NSCC – EET107) contains a Math Assessment which leads me to believe there is MATH content of our desired type.


Everett Book list points to their OER and non-OER:


We keep circling around to the FAA General Handbook:


FAA-H-8083-30 General

FAA-H-8083-32 Vol 1 Powerplant

FAA-H-8083-31 Vol 2 Airframe

Other notes to pursue