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Video Resources at the SCC Library: Home

This guide was created to help guide finding video resources at the SCC Library.

Introduction to Video Resources at the SCC Library

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Use this guide to find video resources available at the library.

Tutorial - Video Resources

Video Resources at Spokane Public Library

The easiest way to find videos available at a Spokane Public Library location is to search in their catalog. You can also access many streaming videos through their digital databases. All SCC students have access to Spokane Public Library. Learn more about access and consider exploring their plethora of resources today.

Finding Videos in the Library Catalog

If you aren't sure where to start your search for videos at the SCC library, consider searching in the Library catalog system (Primo). Primo provides access to all of our physical items, as well as the majority of our databases. Notably, Swank Top 500 is not available in Primo.

While you cannot browse every available video in one place, you can search for a topic or keyword of interest, then use the "Resource Type" filter. Select "Videos" to show only video resources. If "Videos" is not displayed in the filter, that means there are no video resources available for your search.

Note that Primo will display items available at all Community Colleges of Spokane locations, including Spokane Falls Community College. To filter for SCC, use the Library filter and select "SCC."

Finally, to determine what kind of video you are looking at (physical or streaming), note that a search result will either describe its location in the library, or say "Full text available," which means it is a streaming video.

Watching Videos at the Library

Some of the library computers can be used to watch DVDs in the library. The library does not have external (USB) DVD/Blu-ray players available for use. Streaming videos require updated browsers and tend to work best in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Stop by the Checkout Desk for more information and to get help.

Requesting a Video

If you think that your request would make a great addition to our library, we invite you to suggest your title for purchase. Note that the librarians will review the request to see if it aligns with our collection development policy and community needs before making the final decision. Learn more about Suggesting a Purchase before submitting your request. Note that the process can take time, sometimes more than is reasonable if you need a video for a specific course assignment. If you are interested in finding videos that are similar to the specific title of interest, contact a librarian for help.

A note on Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

While this system allows SCC to connect with other libraries in the area and temporarily borrow the item from them for our students and employees, SCC cannot use ILL for DVDs/Blu-rays due to the risk of damage that these types of items have. If you are interested in finding books through ILL, learn more about Interlibrary Loan here.

Phsyical Videos Available at the SCC Library

There are many videos available at the physical library. Videos are available in the following formats: DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS. Most titles are available for three-day checkout, while some can only be used in the library. Each video has a sticker that identifies the loan period.

Streaming Videos Available through SCC Databases

The SCC library provides access to many videos online through various library databases. These videos range from feature-length films to short video clips that are instructional in nature. To look up video databases, start by visiting our A-Z Databases page. You can use the search bar to search for "video" or "videos," or browse through the full list of databases and discover databases containing videos through their descriptions. Below is a list and description of each database that contains videos.