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Culinary Arts & Baking

Research resources, tips, and support from SCC librarians

About this page

So that students can practice finding information in library databases, SCC librarians have given suggestions below of:

  • recommended databases
  • example searches

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Keep in mind that searching may or may not be simple, depending on the information you're looking for.

You may always ask an expert researcher for help. College librarians are happy to help you 24/7!

Strategic searching

When conducting research, it's a good idea to use a variety of types of information sources. 

A simple strategy is to start by searching:

  1. encyclopedias dedicated to a broad discipline  (These give you background information, like an overview and history of a topic.)
  2. books dedicated to single topic  (These give you in-depth information on a topic.)
  3. periodical articles  (These often discuss narrow topics, trends, and news.)

"Which database should I use?"

Encyclopedias databases

eBook databases

Periodical article databases

Example research topics

Your APLED instructor has given you some example presentation topics. We'll use these when exploring how to search library databases.

Example topics:

  • Sustainable Restaurants
  • Buying from Local Farmers
  • Recycling in the Restaurant
  • Saving Energy in the Restaurant
  • Recycling Used Vegetable Oil
  • Reducing the Use of Plastics

"What search terms should I use?" encyclopedias & ebooks

When searching encyclopedia and ebook collections, try search terms which describe a broad topic.

Here are example topics and searches:

Sustainable restaurants

 Example search:    

  • sustainability
  • food waste
  • fast food
  • food systems
  • food security
  • food insecurity
  • "food processing" and energy

Reducing use of plastics

  • plastics  AND  waste
  • plastics  AND  recycling

Buying from local farmers

  • local food
  • "community food systems"

"What search terms should I use?" periodical articles

When searching periodical article indexes (like ProQuest & Associates Programs Source Plus), use search terms which describe a narrow topic.

Here are some example topics and searches:

Sustainable restaurants

 Example searches:    

  • sustainability  AND  restaurants
  • green AND  restaurants
  • recycling AND  restaurants
  • "energy consumption"  AND  restaurants
  • "local food"
  • "farm to table"

Reducing use of plastics

  • plastics AND  restaurants
  • plastics AND  recycling
  • plastics AND  reuse AND  restaurants

Buying from local farmers

  • "buying local" AND  restaurants
  • "farmers markets" AND  restaurants

Questions about research, citation, login, or other?

 Contact a librarian any time!