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Culinary Arts & Baking

Research resources, tips, and support from SCC librarians

SCC students can access 4 different video resources: 

  1. DVDs found by searching the SCC/SFCC Library catalog
  2. Streaming videos in SCC Library databases
  3. Streaming videos available through the Spokane Public Library's digital collections
  4. Streaming videos which are free on the web

Videos & webinars

SCC Library databases

Kanopy streaming videos in Spokane Public Library digital collection


SCC students have full access to most Spokane Public Library (SPL) digital resources.

If you don't yet have an SPL card number and want help getting one, contact a librarian right away:

 Spokane Public Library, IT Support: 509-555-4300

SCC logo, Skitch holding book SCC Librarians

Library catalog: Video search

Reel of movie filmTo find videos in the SCC and SFCC library collections, search the library catalog.

Search tips:

  •  Use broad search words like these examples:    food     "beauty culture"     automotive     machining
  •  Use filters (Tweak my results) to narrow your search to VIDEOS

DVDs at SFCC can be transferred to an SCC library for you. Contact library staff to request this service.