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Culinary Arts & Baking

Research resources, tips, and support from SCC librarians

Example articles for APLED 121 trade journals assignment

If you didn't easily find an interesting article when searching library databases, feel free to select from this curated list.







To efficiently search library databases, use filters within the database and try search terms you think might be in the article's title, description, or full-text.

Techniques you can use to create database searches:


Use keywords in your searching. Select words or phrases which you predict will appear in an article title or description or full-text.


 Enclose a phrase (a string of 2 or more words) in quotation marks. Example: "global warming"


Truncate (cut off) search terms using an asterisk. The asterisk works as a wildcard. The search term:  recyc*  will retrieve articles which contain any word starting with r-e-c-y-c, like recycle, recycled, recycling, etc.


Combine multiple search concepts using the Boolean terms: AND, OR, NOT

Example searches

bakeries  AND  recycling

restaurants  AND  sustainability

"food service"  AND  sustainability

"food security"         

"slow food"      

"food waste reduction"         

"food upcycling"            

"food recovery"

"induction cook tops"

"infrared heat transfer"  AND  cooking

emulsifiers  AND  cooking

"fingerling potatoes"  AND  recipes

"vegetable gardening"  AND  heirloom

If you're searching for articles about sustainability or related topics, here are some search terms to try.

sustainability                    green design

recycling                          rooftop gardens

green                               buying local

greening                          alternative fuels

green buildings              waste disposal 

e-waste                           electronic waste 

ecology                           solar power

renewable resources      upcycling

renewable energy

energy conservation

energy consumption

corporate social responsibility

biodegradable materials

environmental impact

environmental protection

The following are topics which SCC culinary arts instructors identified as topics which may interest students:

Anodized aluminum cookware

Combi ovens

Induction cooktops

Forged knives

Stamped knives

Maillard reaction

Infrared heat transfer

Microwave cooking

Sous vide


Vegetable pigments

Heirloom vegetables


(Cartilage OR connective) AND stocks AND cooking