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SCC Library Instruction News: Spring 2024

Quarterly news featuring library resources and services that support teaching & learning

Bigfoot Research Team. Sasquatch holding a bookInformation Literacy instruction tailored to your needs

Information Literacy instruction in a variety of modes is available each quarter. SCC librarians are happy to partner with you to support students' development of critical thinking and lifelong learning about information and how to discern what is trustworthy. To collaborate, contact the liaison librarian to your discipline or department, or use the library's online instruction request form. 

Laptop & hotspot loan extended to 7-days

The library loan period for student laptops and hotspots has been extended from 24-hours to 1-week. The library collection of 35 laptops and 10 hotspots are regularly circulated in and in high demand. Contact library circulation staff with questions, Kelsey McCartney, supervisor,

New Special Collections in library catalog

6 subcollections: new books, ELL, Library of Things, Graphic Novels,  TLC, and Peace

Explore: 7 library catalog "Special Collections"

These popular groups of library items include:

To view Special Collections:

  1. Conduct any search in the library catalog
  2. In the results screen header, click Special Collections

IL, Key-Literacy discussions opening in Spring

Information Literacy discussion series

Watch for IL-3 in the TLC session dates in the TLC Calendar. Sessions are an opportunity for all SCC employees to share and learn about information literacy, one of the SCC Key Literacies.

Open invitation to all to join IL Series planning & presenting

If you're interested in joining the planning group or sharing your experience of teaching and learning IL, contact Janine Odlevak. The planning group welcomes presenters from all disciplines and cultural perspectives for mini-presentations, panel facilitate discussion, or other opportunities to share and spark conversation.

Generative AI Workshops with Greg Bem: 8 Spring opportunities

Come to learn, discuss, explore, and practice intriguing AI tools.

• Time: 9:30-10:30am 

• Location: SCC Library + Teams

Registration required 

[All registrants will receive a recording.]

All students and employees welcome.

Week 3: 

Intro to Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI): Demonstrations and Conversations 

  • Tuesday & Wednesday, April 16th & repeated on 17th

If you've never had any experience using a GenAI tool, or want to learn a little more, this is the session for you. We'll explore GenAI basics, including the technology, functions, and ethical applications in higher education and the workplace. [Lecture and some opportunity for GenAI practice]

Week 5

Ethical Uses for Productivity: Demonstrations and Applied Thinking 

  • Tuesday & Wednesday, April 30th & repeated on May 1st

In this session, we'll explore how GenAI tools can be ethically and responsibly used to support your own workflows and optimize your time. You'll learn a variety of practices across different GenAI tools to support and optimize your schedule, information management, and processes at school and work. [Some lecture, and mostly hands-on / activity-based]

Week 7

Exploring, Managing and Completing Creative Projects: A Hands-On Workshop 

  • Tuesday & Wednesday, May 14th & repeated on the15th

Explores using GenAI tools for large-scale creative and artistic applications. Participants will be divided into groups to learn how to use GenAI tools to accomplish specific tasks in an artistic project incorporating text and images. [Almost entirely hands-on / activity-based group work]

Week 9 

Plugins and GPTs in ChatGPT: The GenAI Marketplace Examined 

  • Tuesday & Wednesday, May 28th & repeated on the 29th

This session explores the emerging marketplace of GenAI technologies with a specific focus on the plugins and “GPTs” (customizations) in ChatGPT Plus. A Plus account is not required to participate. [Some lecture, and mostly hands-on / activity-based]

*Information Literacy

Information Literacy (IL): An SCC Key Literacy

Information Literacy (IL) is one of the Key Literacies which all students develop during their study and practice at SCC.

Scaffolded IL skills: Librarians are available to partner or consult

SCC librarians teach broad IL concepts in introductory college courses and 100-level writing courses, and partner with faculty to scaffold IL skills within various disciplines. We're eager to partner with you to develop ways to teach students about:

  • Evaluation: How to decide if information is trustworthy in their profession
  • Finding information: How to discover professional information and information for lifelong needs, during and after college.
  • Using & Creating: How to ethically use and share information in their profession, and how students can contribute information to their profession as authors

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

The Association of College & Research Libraries has created a Framework for IL which provides helpful concepts and outcomes to spur discussion of what IL might look like in your field, program, course, or curriculum. The Framework addresses the range of competencies from beginner through advanced (PhD) levels, and ACRL and other professional associations have developed competencies in specific fields like STEM, Writing & Literature, Gender studies, Sociology, and more.